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A damn cool game.

2008-08-21 14:12:04 by Bippwatt

Starcraft Universe (OR SC Universe)

This game is a text based (Has some static sprites) and is based on Starcraft (DZ, you'll love it.)

It has a few errors and it's kinda in a beta mode still....but it's fully operationle.

I'll leave the playing to you....

If you need, I can send anyone who comments here some minerals or gas....

Bippwatt, signing off!

EDIT:'s gone. It vanished in the dog eat dog enviroment of the internet. Thank god Newgrounds is still here.


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2008-08-23 21:12:30

I can't figure out how to play it, though I signed up and everything...

Joined Protoss, cuz of course, they're the badass ones.

By the way, on the game "Alpha Turret (Base D.)", you said there are FOUR weapons, out of the presumed 12. There ARE 12 weapons. If you click the arrow in the weapon menu, you can see that there ARE 2 more pages after that....

Just as well, here's a tip so you can't lose in the game:

To be unbeatable, get enough kills to get the Arc Cannon. When you get that, hold down the reload button (SPACE, which it DOES work; for me, anyhow) and hold down the shoot button (left-click) at the same time, and wave your mouse onto any enemies stupid enough to come towards you! :D